The Wonsild History - the short version....


Wonsild was founded on 20th April 1904 by Mr. Valdemar L. Wonsild and his son, Jorgen Wonsild.

Until 2005 the activities under the Wonsild umbrella encompassed Ship Brokerage and Shipowning under the common name Wonsild & Son.

In 2005 the Shipowning Division along with the partly owned Copenhagen Tankers was sold to the Clipper Group and at the same time a management buy-out was effected in Wonsild & Son.

The Ship Broking activities under Wonsild & Son relocated from the office building in Nyhavn to a contemporary office the Freeport of Copenhagen and was complemented by a newly established office in Melbourne, Australia.

Shortly thereafter the “Son” was erased from the company name which is today simply known as Wonsild.

By 2008, due to the increasing activity in China and the neighbouring countries, Wonsild established Wonsild (Hong Kong) Ltd. Today the office has a strong foothold in the Pacific market and is an important factor in the 24/7 services that Wonsild offers to its customers.

In April 2012 Wonsild entered in to a joint-venture with Norton Lilly Brokerage LLC in Mobile Alabama, further expanding Wonsild’s activities in the US.


In August 2013 Wonsild (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. was established, further expanding Wonsild's worldwide presence.  

And the story goes on…